The Brooding Chicks Master Course sponsored by Brinsea originates from Backyard Poultry which is a sister publication of Mother Earth News and has been educating small flock owners at every experience level about all things poultry for more than 15 years. The advice from Backyard poultry is researched, vetted, and trusted by flock owners across the nation and the globe.

We are excited to help you start your journey of raising your own chicks so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy flock.

Raising chicks is exciting!

Knowing how is just as important. Follow Lacy Armentor as she guides you on a comprehensive master course that leaves you confident in your ability to raise healthy birds. You'll learn how to raise a chick from the day they arrive until they graduate from the brooder to the coop. Topics include brooder set up, environmental and nutritional requirements, identifying and treating common health issues, recognizing normal chick behavior and addressing behavioral issues, and finally, moving chicks from the brooder outside into the coop.

This master course goes above and beyond what you'll find from other brooding courses and will set you up for success.

Sponsored by Brinsea

Brinsea Products, a family owned and operated business, are the world leading incubator manufacturer with 45 years’ experience in developing a range of egg incubators, chick brooders, and more recently automatic chicken coop doors that are designed to be easy to use, reliable, and long lasting. All backed by a 3-year warranty making them the brand of choice for backyard breeders, educators and conservationists.