If you experience seasonal temperatures like we do here in Kansas, July and August pack a punch when it comes to heat tolerance! It's a good thing our favorite veggies have reached peak harvest in the nick of time, distracting us from the sweltering humidity.

The dreams of juicy, ripe tomatoes and melons, sweet corn, and crunchy snap peas have once again become a reality. Join us for this special online course with a focus on the summer harvest. Award-winning author and FAIR speaker Kirsten Shockey teaches us her strategy for maximizing a garlic bounty. Self-taught urban farmer Ebony Evans inspires gardeners how to design, establish, and maintain a community garden into its first harvest of the summer. PLUS Angelique Taylor, David "Kip" Ritchey and MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR veteral April Jones inform participants on regenerative growing parctices and being part of your local sustainable food system.

The Summer Harvest Course is sure to reveal new and meaningful ways to enjoy the most out of the season's greatest gift!

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