This series provides content from the 2022 Spring Conference & Market hosted by Organic Growers School and MOTHER EARTH NEWS! The Spring Conference provides opportunities for farmers and home-growers of all levels to cultivate food equity and diversity initiatives, self-sufficiency, health and well-being, and environmental sustainability in local communities.

With 20 workshops ranging from no-till practices to mycoremediation and off-grid solar energy to CSAs, this series covers a wide array of topics presented by experts with years of experience! Get tips on feeding kids healthfully, learn about Cherokee food and wildcrafting, get to know the laws for small and midsize farms, and more!

Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Providing organic education since 1993, Organic Growers School inspires, educates, and supports people from all walks of life to live, farm, and garden organically.

Mother Earth News enthusaistically partnered with Organic Growers School for the 2022 Spring Conference & Market.

The workshops in this series include:

  2022 Spring Conference & Market with Organic Growers School and Mother Earth News
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