Join us for this comprehensive course on building soil!

Cover crops? Hugelkultur? Compost? Sheet Mulching?

Do you want to learn how to use these techniques and more to improve your soil for the next year of growing and every year after that?

This is the course for you!

From learning the basic building blocks of soil to adapting techniques for your growing situation, gardening educator Leah Webb will give you the knowledge you need to build rich, healthy soil.

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Meet Your Instructor

Leah Webb is an avid gardener and edible landscaper residing on her ¾-acre urban homestead in the mountains of western NC. Leah studied soil processes and food systems for seven years before starting her career in health and gardening education in 2009.

Her practical approach to whole foods cooking and gardening is inspired by the complexities of raising two children with unique medical needs. Learn more about her approach in her two books, The Seven-Step Homestead (out April 2023) and The Grain-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Family Cookbook.

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Sponsored by Greenhouse Megastore

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