This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, May 27. Approx. 1 h. 58 m.

Hosted by Jeannette Beranger from The Livestock Conservancy. On the road to self-sufficiency, chickens are often one of the easiest stops along the way. They provide nutritious farm-fresh eggs and excellent meat for the table. In this interactive, live webinar participants will learn the basics of choosing the right chicken for your needs, whether it's for eggs, meat, or a little of both. Then, hear about the basic infrastructure, tools, and nutritional needs the birds require to grow up happy and healthy. You might even learn a few easy tricks to make life with chickens fun and rewarding.

PLUS Dr. Bill Sadler, animal nutritionist at Manna Pro, will be available as a panelist for a little “Chicken Nutrition 101.” He’ll discuss feed labels, common feeding mistakes, and simple feeding requirements.

(Note: The video quality is not perfect because it was a live streaming event.)

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  Raising Chickens for Homegrown Meat and Eggs sponsored by Manna Pro
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Raising Chickens for Homegrown Meat and Eggs