Whether you are interested in raising poultry for the first time or already have a bit of experience, you won't want to miss this new online course! We're covering all the essentials, including basic considerations (flock size, space, costs, local ordinances, choosing the right breed, etc.), nutrition basics, enclosure and fencing options, common health and behavioral issues, and so much more!

This 9-part course is designed to give you the confidence to successfully raise a productive, healthy flock!

Topics include:

  • Determining Flock Size and Selecting Breeds for Your Flock Getting started with chickens is exciting, but how do you determine how many chickens you’ll need? Do you want enough eggs to feed your family, or do you want enough to sell eggs locally? In this two part workshop, McMurray Hatchery’s Tom Watkins talks about how to determine how many chickens you need to fit your needs, and how the breeds you select weigh into it. 
  • How to Raise Baby Chicks From the time you have chicks to when they're transferred to the coop, there's a lot to consider. In this workshop Queren King-Orozco shows you the essentials of setting up your chick feeders and brooder and basic care tips. Get the confidence to raise healthy poultry you've been looking for!
  • Enclosure and Fencing Choices Join Queren as she discusses the advantages of building a coop and a run versus turning a shed into a coop or using a tractor. She also explores coop sizing, fence types, and maintenance.
  • Common Health and Behavioral Issues Take care of your birds and learn what to do when they stop laying, begin moulting, pecking, or get injuries. Also, Queren describes what space is optimal and the considerations for cold seasons that are important to be aware of.