This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, Aug. 5. Approx. 1 h. 28 m.

The Polyface Farm Tour Q&A is a recording of a live webinar hosted by the Mother Earth News Fair team. It is free for registered students of the Polyface Farm Tour Course. It was conducted through Zoom with Joel Salatin and Jeff Mattocks from The Fertrell Company. The Polyface Farm Tour Course is a very special eight-part tour, where students can have a look inside Polyface Farm with host Joel Salatin as he shares key facets that all contribute to the regeneration cycle. Each video workshop provides high-definition, close-up, and bird’s-eye footage of each stop on the tour. Learn more and register now!

(Note: The video quality is not perfect because it was a live streaming event.)

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  Polyface Farm Tour Q&A Webinar with Joel Salatin ☆ Sponsored by The Fertrell Company
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Polyface Farm Tour Q&A ☆ Sponsored by The Fertrell Company

Sponsored by The Fertrell Company

The Fertrell Company has pioneered sustainable farming practices. Derived from the words fertilizer, trace minerals and elements, Fertrell’s name continues to be at the forefront of organic agriculture. As manufacturers of organic fertilizer, soil amendments, and animal supplements, they provide farmers with viable alternatives to conventional practices. The Fertrell Company strives to be your trusted partner, creating superior products for healthier soil, planet, and animals. Healing the earth and feeding the world naturally!