Since 2010, our team has been producing the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR at a variety of locations across the country. Toward the end of 2019, we began laying the groundwork for a virtual version of the FAIR where folks could participate, learn, and be inspired no matter where they live or when they can attend. We planned to launch this online-exclusive event later in 2020, after we wrapped up the year with our physical FAIRS. Then, well, you know what happened next.

We pivoted, launched our first “Mini-Course” in April as a test, and were thrilled when more than 6,000 joined. Now, we are excited to take this one-of-a-kind event to a new level with the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE: SUMMER 2020!


For this program, we're using the Teachable platform. Here, we offer "courses," and each course features pre-recorded video workshops hosted by the esteemed experts that make up the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR family, along with supporting materials and handouts. Each workshop video is 20 to 30 minutes long.

The online program features eight courses, each covering the MOTHER EARTH NEWS key content areas. These courses function similarly to stages at a physical FAIR. Each topic features 6 to 8 workshop videos – more than 23 hours of workshops altogether!

The SUMMER 2020 Bundle is Your Ticket to Savings!

Register for the bundle and get access to all eight courses (56 workshop videos) PLUS five of our prerecorded webinars for just $120! That's a $210 value. You save 33%!

Here are the courses available in this All-Access bundle:

UPDATE! The bundle now includes five of our prerecorded Zoom webinars: "Fermenting Vegetables" with Kirsten Shockey, "DIY Mead" with Jereme Zimmerman, "Cheese and Yogurt" with Gianaclis Caldwell, "DIY Sourdough" with Jessica Moody, and "Raising Chickens for Homegrown Meat and Eggs."

DIY Skills
DIY Skills
  • Energy Self-Sufficiency: Solar Electricity with Dan Chiras
  • Scoop on Poop: Safely Composting Humanure with Dan Chiras
  • Garden Beauty Using Herbs and Flowers with Janice Cox
  • Winning the War on Weeds with John Moody
  • DIY Farm Tools and Equipment with Keith Arkenberg
  • Green Your Cleaning Routine with Kimberlee Bastien
  • The First Aid Garden with Maria Noël Groves

Food Independence
Food Independence
  • Your Edible Yard with Crystal Stevens
  • Grow All Year Long in a Chinese Greenhouse with Dan Chiras
  • Create A Community Meat-Buying Club with Meredith Leigh
  • Modern Meat-Eating for the Mindful Omnivore with Meredith Leigh
  • Practical Yogurt with Gianaclis Caldwell - Sponsored by Roots & Harvest
  • Emma’s Cool Crops with Emma Biggs
  • DIY Sourdough Basics with Jessica Moody - Sponsored by Grainmaker

Livestock – Sponsored by Manna Pro
Livestock - Sponsored by Manna Pro
  • Nutrition Basics for Chickens with Dr. Bill Sadler
  • Rotational Grazing with Joe Putnam - Sponsored by Premier 1
  • Adding a Cow to Your Homestead with Jeannette Beranger
  • The Natural Home Dairy with Deborah Niemann
  • Caring for Chicks with Kelsey Spotts and Rich and Marion Patterson - Sponsored by Hoover's Hatchery
  • Rabbits: The secret homestead resource with Jeannette Beranger
  • Consider the Goat…Please with Gianaclis Caldwell

Modern Homesteading
Modern Homesteading
  • Honey Bee Colony Management with Frank Licata - Sponsored by Mann Lake
  • Homesteading Businesses with Deborah Niemann
  • Practical Preparedness with Kyle Ferlemann
  • Wild Harvests: Plant identification basics with Nicole Telkes
  • Wild Harvests: Weedcrafting with Nicole Telkes
  • Wild Harvests: Making extracts and recipes with Nicole Telkes
  • Mushroom Survival Skills with Tradd Cotter

Natural Health
Natural Health
  • Homegrown Apothecary with Crystal Stevens
  • Stacked with Flavor with Shawna Coronado
  • Growing and Using Lavender with Janice Cox
  • Natural Beauty with Luffa with Janice Cox
  • Herbal Tinctures with Maria Noël Groves
  • The Secret Lives of Garden Herbs with Maria Noël Groves
  • Extract for Stress with Nicole Telkes
  • Herbal First Aid: Fire Cider with Nicole Telkes

Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening
  • GROW UP! Elevate Your Garden Beds with Shawna Coronado
  • Secret Organic Gardening Hacks with Shawna Coronado
  • The Fungus Among Us with Jim Eagen - Sponsored by Plant Success Organics
  • Root Crop Container Growing Done Right with John Moody
  • Gardening with Emma with Emma Biggs
  • Worms at Work with Crystal Stevens
  • Raised Bed Gardening with Curt Rankin - Sponsored by Garden 4 Life

Practical Skills
Practical Skills - Sponsored by Chelsea Green
  • Farming on the Wild Side with Nancy Hayden
  • Traditional Beer Brewing with Jereme Zimmerman
  • Koji Alchemy with Jeremy Umansky
  • Using a Sheet Mulching Technique for a No-Till Garden with Leah Webb
  • Vermicomposting Makes Sense for Homesteads with Rhonda Sherman
  • Mycoremediation, Recycling, and Composting Using Mushrooms with Tradd Cotter
  • Easy Oyster Mushroom Cultivation for Beginners with Tradd Cotter

Real Food
Real Food - Sponsored by Lehman’s
  • Meal Prepping with Leah Webb
  • Nurturing a Healthy Eater with Leah Webb
  • Make Mead Like a Viking with Jereme Zimmerman
  • The Family Larder with Karen Geiser - Sponsored by Lehman's
  • Make Your Own Cured Ham with Meredith Leigh
  • Trials and Tribulations of a Teenage Tomato Grower with Emma Biggs
  • Easy-to-Harvest, Weed-Free Potatoes with John Moody

What are the advantages of participating in the



  • All the workshop videos are pre-recorded and can be viewed whenever you like and however many times you like. Your access to these workshop videos and the supporting materials will remain in place throughout the rest of 2020.
  • Because the videos can be viewed at your convenience, you can watch them on your schedule, not ours!
  • At MOTHER EARTH NEWS, all of our content, including these workshops, are designed to empower you to become less dependent on systemic products or services. What does that mean? This is an opportunity learn how to save a lot of money on things such as groceries, expensive health products, energy, and more!
  • Unlike at the physical FAIRS, where workshops take place simultaneously, you won't have to pick and choose which workshops to watch! Most folks can enjoy only 10 to 12 workshops maximum at a physical FAIR. Now you can see them all!
  • No additional travel expenses, such as hotel rooms, airfare, gas, pet care, dining out, etc.
  • All dogs are allowed!!!

Wait, there’s more?! 

Yes! In addition to all the video workshops,

participants will also receive:

  • Prescheduled live online events with select speakers. This is your opportunity to interact with the speakers!
  • Access to our private MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE: SUMMER 2020 Facebook Group.
  • Exclusive offers from the popular MOTHER EARTH NEWS STORE.
  • Exclusive offers from our supporting sponsors.

Check out what folks had to say about our

Skills for Self-Reliance Mini-Course:

"Even if you have chickens you learn something new. Also when I didn't catch a part of the lecture I was able to replay it right away. Very clear instructions and includes everything you will experience raising chickens." - Margaret M.

"I really enjoyed the presentation. I can't wait to get started and also looking forward to reading [the speaker's] book." - Stacy A.

"Thanks for the demonstration and talk about kefir. I have been buying mine from the store but as I listened, I have decided to try and make my own. The teacher makes it seem so easy. Thanks again." - Ellen D.

"My grandparents raised elderberries, using them for yummy desserts and homemade wine, but never explored all the other wonderful ways elderberry benefits us. This presentation makes me eager to set up our own and see what we can create with this versatile plant." Carol Z.

"So excited to try this. Thank you for sharing this simple process. It was overwhelming in my mind before your virtual class." - Sandra Y.

"Excellent video. I now have a place for those missing mate socks. I like how easy the setup is and that it can be done anywhere, even a tiny house or apartment. And I can start it anytime, not just springtime. Definite 100% A+ rating." -Tammy C.

"Thank you for your amazing insight. I have to remember to execute patience, more than initiative, and your video definitely helped with that." - Roy M.

"Very informative. She covered quite a bit of information very well and definitely gave anyone considering owning chickens things to think about and consider beforehand." - Debora J.

"Loved this! My partner and I have been toying with container gardens on our ground-floor patio, but I wasn't quite sure where to start. There's just so much information! I have a pretty good idea now." - Felicity F.

"What a delightful segment. I really enjoyed all the show and tell, it was easy and informational, and I am now very confident I can do this, too. Thank you - thank you - thank you!" - Laura Ann K.

Interested in registering someone as a gift?

The easiest way to register as a gift for someone is to open a private or “incognito” window in your browser, then copy and paste the registration link into that window:

Then you can register using their email address. You will need to set a password for them, which you can share and they can change at any time.

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*Workshop video quantity subject to change.