This series covers all the steps involved with bed preparation and planting while highlighting the fundamentals of Climate Farming™. Climate Farming™ is designed to sequester carbon, supercharge topsoil quality, and feed American families! It's based on five key principles:

  • The integration of animals in growing operations
  • The minimization of topsoil disturbance
  • The stratified planting of varied species, including cover crops
  • Use of appropriale erosion and water management techniques
  • Continual soil improvement programs like composting

The first installment demonstrates the digging of a micro-swale - a small trench to direct the flow of rainwater so that it sinks into the soil - using the BCS two-wheel tractor with rotary plow attachment. Ensuing installments include power composting, digging mini-swales and cleaning, widening and deepening paths.

About Johnny Appleseed Organic

Johnny Appleseed Organic is a sustainable living development near Folkston, Georgia, where they are pioneering the next step in the organic food revolution. Combining best practices from permaculture, syntropic planting, and regenerative agriculture, they are creating a new way to grow great-tasting, healthy produce while simultaneously improving the environment.