This webinar was recorded on Saturday, June 6. Approx. 1 h 41 m.

In this prerecorded online webinar, learn everything you need to know to get started with sourdough. You’ll learn how to make and maintain a sourdough starter, fit sourdough into a busy schedule, and cover three simple sourdough recipes — all using whole-grain flours, and we’ll even go over the basics of milling your own! Once we’re done, you’ll be ready to successfully dive into sourdough yourself.

(Note: The video quality is not perfect because it was a live streaming event.)

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  DIY Sourdough with Jessica and John Moody ☆ Sponsored by Grainmaker
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DIY Sourdough Webinar with Jessica and John Moody

About Jessica and John

The Moody family farms and homesteads on 35 acres in Kentucky. John Moody discovered more than a decade ago that his diet was killing him, with duodenal ulcers, seasonal allergies, and other health problems. So, the family began to transition to local foods and local food distribution. Eventually, they relocated their family to 35 acres of land to put his learning into practice. Jessica is wife to John Moody, mother to five adorable and sometimes irascible kids, homeschooler in chief, homestead assistant, and Abby’s elderberry helper par excellence. She has mastered fitting sourdough into the crazy life that all the aforementioned roles create, and is the co-author with John of DIY Sourdough. She wants to help you see that anyone can achieve wholegrain sourdough success!