Raised Bed Gardening Basics with Curt and Chais Rankin ☆ Sponsored by Garden 4 Life


Here is a list of what you will find in the workshop below:

A 15-minute video by Curt and Chais Rankin.

A PDF download of notes from the video to get you started.

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There's a lot to consider before you start a raised-bed garden. Thinking through everything you want to accomplish in your garden can be a little overwhelming at times. Walk through some of the basics of raised-bed gardening to create a long-lasting, high-producing garden that minimizes time and labor.

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About Curt and Chais Rankin


Curt Rankin a lifelong entrepreneur received his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy which led him to work as a crop consultant and natural resource specialist for several years before helping to start a successful specialty welding company. Curt’s son Chais Rankin earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Marketing which he has put to good use in developing his own business interests in Real Estate and Garden 4 Life. Together with the support of their wives they are getting the message out to other families that there is a way to have a long lasting, easily maintained and highly productive garden.

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For many years, Gardening Revolution has been changing the way people garden all across the country. Originally owned and operated by Len Pense of Strafford, Missouri, the company’s soil-less, weed-free growing system has inspired gardeners to think (and plant) outside the rows. Today, Gardening Revolution has moved and rebranded to Garden 4 Life, but its mission remains the same.

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