Nutrition Basics For Chickens with Dr. Bill Sadler ☆ Sponsored by Manna Pro


Here is a list of what you will find in the workshop:

  • A 20-minute video by Dr. Bill Sadler.
  • Four PDFs to download of the materials you will need to get started.
  • An exclusive discount on the Mother Earth News Raise Backyard Chickens book. Scroll down for more details.
  • A special offer from Manna Pro.

Join Bill Sadler, Nutrition Specialist at Manna Pro, for an engaging discussion focused on selecting the correct feed for your chicks, how to navigate free-range feeding, and when to add treats to your flock's routine. This workshop is sponsored by Manna Pro.

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Raise Backyard Chickens

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About Dr. Bill Sadler


Dr. Bill Sadler has both technical and personal experience with a broad range of animals and birds. He grew up on a small farm that raised chickens, bees, and milk goats. This family operation later turned into a purebred cattle operation. Dr. Sadler's technical background spans 43 years of experience in developing diets for animals and birds worldwide. His doctorate degree in biochemistry and passion for animals has led him to own horses, dogs, cats, and chickens on a small Missouri farm.

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At Manna Pro®, we believe in Nurturing Life™. Since 1985 with roots dating back to 1842, Manna Pro has been committed to providing high-quality, nutritionally wholesome feeds, supplements and treats to your flock at every stage of their lives. As a company comprised of animal lovers we understand the desire to provide your flock with the very best. Our passion is happy, healthy pets and we are your trusted partner to provide just that.

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