Power Composting with a Flail Mower

In this installment, Joshua Andersen of Johnny Appleseed Organic demonstrates power-composting the farm's hearty Coker oat grass with a flail mower. The benefit of this method is that it breaks down the material — including tougher varieties of cover crops — into very fine pieces, aiding the decomposition process and speeding up the release of carbon into the underlying soil. Access to this series as well as all MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR ONLINE courses are available exclusively with an All-Access subscription for as little as $2.99/month. (Note: If you've registered for the All-Access bundle, you now have access to this course!) Learn more and register now!

About Johnny Appleseed Organic

Johnny Appleseed Organic is a sustainable living development near Folkston, GA, where they are pioneering the next step in the organic food revolution. Combining best practices from permaculture, syntropic planting and regenerative agriculture, they are creating a new way to grow great-tasting, healthy produce while simultaneously improving the environment.

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