Homesteading Businesses with Deborah Niemann


Here is a list of what you will find in the workshop below:

  • A 31-minute video by Deborah Niemann.
  • A PDF download of the original slide presentation to get you started.
  • An exclusive discount on Deborah's book. Scroll down for more details.

Discover a variety of ways you can turn your homesteading passion into a business. In addition to talking about choosing a business, marketing, and where to sell your products, we will also talk about what you need to consider in terms of liability and government regulations when you start selling products.

Download a PDF from this workshop video!

Deborah Niemann-Boehle - Homesteading Business MENF.pdf

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Homegrown & Handmade, 2nd Edition

Author Deborah Niemann offers healthier, more empowering choices, by showing us how to reclaim links in our food and purchasing chains, to make choices that are healthier for our families, ourselves, and our planet. In this fully updated and revised edition of Homegrown & Handmade, Deborah shows how making things from scratch and growing some of your own food can help you eliminate artificial ingredients from your diet, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more authentic life. Whether your goal is increasing your self-reliance or becoming a full-fledged homesteader, it’s packed with answers and solutions to help you rediscover traditional skills, take control of your food from seed to plate, and much more.

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About Deborah Niemann


Deborah Niemann is a homesteader, writer, and self-sufficiency expert. In 2002, she moved her family from the Chicago suburbs to a 32-acre parcel on a creek in the middle of nowhere. Together, they built their own home and began growing the majority of their own food. Sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and turkeys supply meat, eggs, and dairy products, while a garden and fruit trees provide produce. Niemann presents workshops across the United States and in Canada. She is the author of Homegrown and Handmade, Ecothrifty, and Raising Goats Naturally.