Since 2010, our team has been producing the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR around the country in Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Washington.

We are constantly receiving inquiries from folks who are familiar with the FAIR about hosting one in their area, and while we wish we could have a physical FAIR in every location requested, we only have so many resources! That's why we are excited to take this one-of-a-kind event online and make our self-reliant, can-do workshop content available around the world.

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The MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR is your passport to money-saving hacks, health-boosting remedies, and environmental strategies from leading experts and entrepreneurs around the country. Participants in our online programs have access to pre-recorded video workshops as well as recordings from our live webinars on some of our most popular topics along with other amazing educational content.

We have also teamed up with many of the businesses that exhibit or sponsor at our in-person FAIRS for some AMAZING exclusive offers that compliment the workshop content.

We're using the Teachable platform to host all of our online workshop content. Here, we offer "courses," and each course features prerecorded video workshops hosted by the esteemed experts that make up the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR family, along with supporting materials and handouts. We also use this platform to post all of our live webinar recordings.


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"Thank you for your amazing insight. I have to remember to execute patience, more than initiative, and your video definitely helped with that." - Roy M.

"Very informative. She covered quite a bit of information very well and definitely gave anyone considering owning chickens things to think about and consider beforehand." - Debora J.

"Loved this! My partner and I have been toying with container gardens on our ground-floor patio, but I wasn't quite sure where to start. There's just so much information! I have a pretty good idea now." - Felicity F.

"What a delightful segment. I really enjoyed all the show and tell, it was easy and informational, and I am now very confident I can do this, too. Thank you - thank you - thank you!" - Laura Ann K.

Check out these testimonials from some of our workshop video teachers on how you can save A TON of money:

speaker-infoLeah Webb: “Although there can be big overhead costs up front, especially when you get into larger sizes, eventually I have really been rewarded by the savings. I save around $3,500 per year if you consider the bulk shopping, meal planning, gardening, and other money-saving techniques.”

Leah’s workshop videos include Create Your Inexpensive No-Till Garden with Sheet Mulching; The Art and Mastery of Meal Planning and Prep; and Nurturing a Healthy Eater Through Exposure, Play and Participation.

John Moody: “Interestingly for us, we saved money right out of the gate. We purchased a grain mill and bulk grains, and that immediately paid off, which we then reinvested in more things that produced value for us. What we produce on our homestead, between firewood, food, etc., saves us, as a family of seven, around $12,000 or so per year.”

John’s workshop videos include Root Crop Container Growing Done Right; Easy-to-Harvest, Weed-Free Potatoes; and Winning the War on Weeds.

Maria Noël Groves: “Growing and wildcrafting your own medicinal herbs in the backyard and making remedies in your kitchen can save you hundreds of dollars versus purchasing similar products in stores, and the remedies you make yourself are often more potent, because they’ve been made fresh and exactly the way you want them. Added bonus: You’ll feel more empowered in your health and connected to the plant world around you!”

Maria’s workshop videos include The Secret Life of Garden Herbs; The First Aid Garden; and Herbal Tinctures.

Deborah Niemann: “We cut our food bill in half the first year after we moved out here from the Chicago suburbs, mostly because we started cooking more and eating out less. But then we saved even more when we started gardening, because it's almost like getting free food. You buy a packet of tomato seeds for a couple of bucks, and you get more than 20 pounds of tomatoes from one little seed. So, your ROI is almost incomprehensible. And whoever said that money doesn’t grow on trees didn't know how easy it is to grow fruit trees! We’re saving thousands of dollars a year on food!”

Deborah’s workshop videos include Homesteading Businesses and The Natural Home Dairy